Find Medical and
Manufacturing Talent

Perfect Fit Jobs is a recruiting agency that focuses specifically on the medical and manufacturing sectors. Whether you’re looking to hire an experienced medical billing team for your growing practice or a single skilled machinist to improve operations at your manufacturing business, we’ve got you covered. Our pool of over 80,000 highly-qualified applicants are vetted for their abilities, experience and attitude, to ensure you’re getting skilled talent that’s ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Complete Work Agency Services

When you partner with us for staffing solutions, we become your complete HR partner. Not only do we find the right talent for your organization, we also handle all temporary payroll and benefit administration concerns. This allows you to hire help as-needed, to respond quickly to changing market situations and new opportunities.

The Talent You Need

With over 80,000 local highly qualified applicants within our network and recruiters who have at least three years experience in the industry, we are sure to find you the Perfect Fit.

Your HR Partner

We handle all payroll and benifits administration for your temporary associates.

Market Sensitivity

With temporary associates, the size of your workforce can respond dynamically to the rises and falls of market demand.

The Ability To Hire

With our temporary-to-hire program, you can get to know prospective employees long-term before making the decision to hire.

Position Types
We Fill

Whether you need the right talent for a temporary role or want to fill a part-time or direct-hire position, we find the right person for the job, every time. We help manufacturing companies find logistics, warehouse, quality assurance and engineering experts. For the medical sector, we identify qualified nurses, therapists, doctors, medical assistants, billing professionals and more.

The sectors we staff might seem very different, each requiring unique skill sets. But we know the one thing that unites our talent is their desire to make a difference, no matter where they work.

Get Started

Get Started With Perfect Fit

Whether you’re seeking a valuable employee or looking for a career you’ll love, we’re ready to help you get started. Here’s how:

    • For employers, contact us today and tell us what positions you would like to fill.
    • For employees, browse our open positions to find your perfect fit.